Carli Kyles, PhD

Senior Director, Project Management

As a Senior Director, Dr. Kyles is responsible for setting and implementing client strategy across platforms. As a writing and grassroots campaign specialist, Dr. Kyles also leads the agency’s community outreach efforts.

Before joining Gunner Marketing Group, Dr. Kyles lived overseas in Luanda, Angola where she taught at the Luanda International School and volunteered at schools and orphanages. Prior to her work in Angola she taught undergraduate courses in multicultural education in the Urban Education Department at the University of Houston. Dr. Carli Kyles earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Teacher Education and graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. She is also a graduate of Washington State University where she earned a Master’s of Education degree in Education Administration in Higher Education and the University of Southern California where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.

Dr. Kyles interests in sports, wellness, and girls’ development led her to open her own non-profit for pre-teen girls of color, Project Destiny, and to work as Co-Camp Director of TZONE, a program of the Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation.

Today, Dr. Kyles is the proud mother of two and is actively engaged in her daughter’s school community including serving as the Chair of the Parent Family Association. She remains passionate about social justice issues in education and equality issues for girls and women of color.

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